Tahmoor Garden Centre Nursery

Tahmoor Garden Centre is open 7 days from 9:00am to 5:00pm.

Offering a wide range of seeds, seedlings, potted colour, shrubs, roses, fruit trees, ornamental trees, pots, statues, potting mixes, fertilizers, spray’s and more. Friendly service by qualified horticulturists.

We like to think that we have (or can get) all your favourites, but it’s the more unusual plants that make our nursery stand out. Tahmoor Garden Centre is renowned for consistent high quality plants.

Gardening Tips


Compost with cow manure to really boost the soil. In your vegie patch try and be as ‘organic’ as possible. Fertilise regularly and water in the cool of the day.




Roses need full sun, regular feeding throughout the warm months and watering from the base of the plant.

Use Amgrow Rose Spray to spray the foliage in the humid months to control fungal diseases. Pick off any diseased leaves. A light prune in late summer will ensure a good autumn flower flush.

Lawns & Turf

Aerate the lawn with a garden fork, apply weed control, then top dress lightly before applying a fertiliser. If you are unsure of what weeds are in the lawn, bring samples in to us for correct horticultural advice.

Set the lawn mower blades a bit higher to keep the lawn thicker and lusher. Weeds won’t take hold so easily and the longer grass protects the soil from drying out.

Tahmoor Garden